Here I will explain the sources I use for all of the pictures and explanation of the legal rights.


All pictures used on this site are found on FREE (unpaid) websites like Twitter, Tumblr or just found with Google.
When I use homemade pictures I will show that by way of a personal mark on the pictures.
As I found all pictures free on sites without use of password or other private restriction, I assume they are all free to use myself.
If any doubt exists or if the rightful owner of a picture does not agree with my publication: please contact me!
I will always cooperate when problems occur.


I am well aware of the rules and laws about publication of models and erotic pictures.
Every picture I use is guaranteed legal.
Nude and porn pictures contain only 18+ models.
When I show pictures from models of minor age they always have enough clothing to cover the erotic parts of the body.
If it seems a model is of minor age, she is nude or even acting in porn, it must be clear she will be 18+!
There are many younger looking girls who act like they are a teenager but in fact they are of legal age.
In most of that cases I have searched for the model and her personal info.
If any of the pictures make you doubt about the legal age, please contact me!
When I have no proove of her age and you think a picture is too indecent to use, please contact me!
I will remove the picture when needed.

The world of nudes and erotics is beautiful!
But it can be different for all people.
Every single person can have a different opinion about ugly or beautiful.
But also about decent or indecent.
If you don’t like what you see on this site: please ignore it and go somewhere else.
If you are offended and want me to change the site: please contact me.
Only in a normal and equal conversation (by mail or even phone) we can come to an agree.
False accusations are illegal and I will report them.